Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a sample postcard?

Of course! In fact, your first postcard is on us! If you'd like to print a test postcard before spending any money, we recommend using your first FREE postcard and sending it to yourself. Be sure to turn the Automatic Postcards Switch off after the test print is processed (you can turn it back on once you've made a decision). If you decide not to turn the switch back on, you'll be charged nothing.

Does the delivery address need to match the address for my credit card?

No - you can send your postcards to any address you'd like (currently limited to delivery in the USA only).

How long does it take to deliver my postcard?

Postcards are normally printed and mailed within two business days. Delivery speed depends on several factors including delivery location, weather conditions, mail volume, etc. Most postcards are delivered to their final destination within about 5-7 business days.

Do you print posts from the people I follow on Instagram?

Only your own posts will be printed. We do not currently support printing posts from another user's account.

What about Instagram videos?

We only print photo posts. Video posts will be skipped.

How does the Automatic Postcards Switch work?

We record the exact time and date whenever the switch it turned on or off. When we process new posts in your Instagram feed (this can sometimes be delayed), we check the date and time that each post was created. If the switch was off at that time, the post will be skipped. Otherwise, it will be processed, printed, and mailed.

What if I forgot to turn off automatic postcards and posted something to Instagram?

You have 30 minutes to cancel an automatic postcard before it gets processed, starting from the time you post the photo to Instagram. To cancel an automatic postcard, log in to OttoPost and click "Cancel Automatic" next to the post on your account Postcards page.

Can I send postcards to more than one address?

Automatic postcards are only sent to the default delivery address (shown in Account Details), but you can send copies to another address by clicking "New Postcard" on the account Postcards page and adding a new address.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged within 30 days if you have any outstanding account balance.